My top 7 productivity podcasts for busy people

7 best productivity podcasts for busy people

One of the ways that I like to stay in shape is to walk. I try to walk an average of 1 hour each day. I used to go to work by foot, and I kept the habit of my daily walk now that I stay at home. I like my walks to be productive and I found a simple way to hit two birds with one stone: podcasts. Podcasts are a kind of radio program that you get for free on your phone or iPod. There are thousands of podcasts on a vast array of subjects and, of course, my favorite podcasts talk about productivity and personal development. Here is a list of my 7 favorite productivity podcasts.

Asian Efficiency is one of my favorite resource on all things productivity. I follow their blog religiously and they also host one of the best productivity podcasts around. They talk a lot about Getting Things Done and the 12 Week Year, two of the productivity systems that I use the most. Their podcast is relatively short and the hosts are very lively and knowledgeable. If you find the time to listen to just one podcast, this is the one I would recommend.

If you have been reading the blog for a while, you know that I love me some early mornings! The 5 AM Miracle is a podcast hosted by Jeff Sanders, author of the productivity book under the same title. His book has had quite a nice success last year when it first launched and his podcast is offering so much more valuable content! The host shares tips and strategies about time management, energy management and health (His all-fruit nutrition is surprising and intriguing!). Sanders is very energetic and listening to the podcast in the early mornings is sure to give me a boost of energy and motivation!

Paul Minors is a relatively new player in the productivity field. He has launched last year his first book called Guidelines in which he shares the takeaways that he had learned from writing tons of book reviews for his blog. I enjoy his podcast for the short format, interesting interviews and for his productivity updates. I am convinced that Paul will carve himself a nice place in the productivity blogosphere in the coming years.

Host Laura McClellan has created this award-winning podcast geared towards busy working women to help them better manage their time. I like that Laura is very relatable and charismatic and I like that women are able to distinguish themselves in a men’s club such as the productivity field. She shares very interesting content and interviews in relatively short episodes. I’d say that not only women would benefit from the Productive Woman podcast!

You know that I am a big proponent of the GTD methodology (read my article on the subject if you do not know what GTD stands for), so I couldn’t pass the official GTD podcast! It offers episodes on specific components of GTD as well as keynote presentations by the master himself, the one and only David Allen. It is a must for any GTD users.

I am a bit of a nerd, so I had to take my study of GTD to the nerdy side! This is exactly what the GTD Virtual Study Group is to me —the space to geek out on GTD and explore the different components to the extreme. The podcast is in the form of a group discussion and you can even participate in the group calls! For nerds only.

I like to use the app AntennaPod on my Android phone to listen to my favorite podcasts. iPhones and iPods have a built-in podcast app that is very easy to use. The process is simple, search for the podcast of your choice and add it to your feed. Next, download the episode you would like to listen to, or select the option to download the new episodes automatically. Now, you can listen in your car, during your daily walk, while doing the dishes, in the shower, and so on! Every occasion is a chance to further your knowledge and learn to better manage your time and energy.

I hope you have enjoyed this list of my best productivity podcasts! What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below. I am always on the lookout to add new content to my list! Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Google+ to get the latest articles and updates. See you next Tuesday!

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