Productive Happiness turns 1 – New orientation

Hello happy people! We’re taking some time off from our regular schedule this week to share the results of our latest reader’s survey. I have to say that I have been surprised by some of the results that came up and it brought me to reconsider the orientation that I’ll be following for the blog in the next year. Read on to see what my readers had to say! Demographics First off, I was interested in the demographics. Most of my readers are women between 25 and 54. Few men are reading the blog, and I guess with topics like the Bullet Journal being so popular amongst women, I shouldn’t be surprised by those numbers. 71% of my readers are employees. Preferences From the beginning, Productive Happiness had two main focus, productivity and personal development. My mission is to help you take your happiness in hands using the latest productivity techniques. I was very curious to know what type of content was most popular amongst my readers. This is the result that surprised me the most : Productivity is, by […]

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Productive Happiness turns 1! And a little favor…

Hello Happy people! There’s a party going on at Productive Happiness headquarters as I am celebrating the blog’s first anniversary! I want to take the opportunity of this celebration to thank each and every one of my readers for being here every Tuesday, as we are learning all there is to know about productivity and happiness. It’s been an amazing ride and I want to keep making great content to help you take your happiness in hands! Over the last year, I’ve offered you content about productivity, personal development, the Bullet Journal and many book reviews. I want to make sure that the content I am bringing you is considerate of your specific needs and, to develop what’s coming in the next 6 months, I’ve decided to ask my readers directly! And here comes the little favor that I want to ask you. I’ve created a survey to learn more about your struggles and needs, to tailor my content specifically to you. I would be honored if you could offer me 5 minutes of your time to fill it out! […]

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Productive Happiness is BACK!

Productive Happiness is back

Hey y’all! Productive Happiness is back! After 4 long months on a medical leave, I am fully rested and ready to get back to blogging! I missed writing so much, I realize that it is such an important part of my life and I am so glad I have this blog as a creative outlet to share my passion for personal development! The last few months have been quite difficult for me, being sick at home unable to work on my projects, or do anything really… This led me to a lot of thinking and, as I reflected on my life, I decided to rethink my goals. I spent the last 4 weeks soul-searching to find out what direction I wanted to take from now on, so I decided to go on a silent retreat to figure things out. Last week, I rented an Airbnb in a charming neighborhood here in Montreal with the only company of my notebooks, my trusted fountain pens and a few books. I was lucky to share my rental with a lovely female cat named Samy who […]

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