Decluttering brings happiness… but not always!

Decluttering brings happiness

Not only am I a crazy book nerd, but I’m also an organization maniac. Researching new ways to make my rooms more streamlined and effective is one of my favorite pastimes. Weird, I know. But you won’t be suprised to hear that when Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, came out, I was all over it. And to the surprise and despair of my fiancé, I started decluttering the house top to bottom, going completely nuts! *N.B.: This is NOT an article about the KonMari Method* Gretchen Rubin has a saying that I particularly love : “Outer order brings inner calm.” Well to me, that is totally true. A tidy house makes me feel at home. A tidy office triggers my inner hustler. In fact, I am unable to work in a messy environment. Just can’t. Nothing makes me feel inner peace like the sight of a well organized bookshelf or drawer. It makes me feel happy. So I went through the KonMari decluttering system with much enthusiasm. The concept is simple, you take every item in […]

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Seasons of life : why tilting is better than balance

When I wrote this article about seasons of life two weeks ago, I did not know that it would be so on point. You see, I was supposed to post this article last Tuesday, but life got in the way as I have been moving offices and I have not been able to post at all last week.  That is exactly what I was trying to demonstrate when I wrote this post, that different seasons of life demands our attention and devotion and how I make the most of it. In the last few weeks, I’ve been very preoccupied. The office where I work is moving and I’ve been in charge of coordinating the move. It would have been a fairly simple task, but the move has been postponed three times and I had to coordinate the whole thing from scratch each time. I was worried that I would forget something and I would spend the nights restless, going through each step in my mind again and again. Insomnia is not your best friend when you need to concentrate, to […]

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