How Gretchen Rubin became my virtual mentor

A few years ago, I began my quest for personal growth by reading The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. A world of new possibilities opened for me as I discovered self-help books. One day, I was perusing the library section of my favorite thrift store when I found a little blue book written by Gretchen Rubin. The Title, The Happiness Project, immediately grabbed my attention. I ran home with the book and started reading it right away. During the summer of 2014, I went to the beach with my in-laws. What I love most about the beach are the long hours without a thing to do, nothing else than read. I read most of The Happiness project during that week at the beach. It was the first memoir I’ve ever read, a literary style I did not know existed. I was blown away by Gretchen Rubin’s style. We seemed to have in common that practical sense of creating experiences to enhance our happiness. She seemed a lot like me, very type-A, driven and disciplined. I really liked her. Soon after […]

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Multitasking is the enemy, and what you can do about it

multitasking is the enemy, what you can do about it

I am at work. My mind is scattered as I switch mindlessly from one task to the other. I am stressed out and I can’t seem to achieve anything on my to-do list. I feel frustrated and unhappy. Multitasking is the enemy. In this day and age, we all work in fast paced environments where we are required to tackle many projects simultaneously. We don’t have enough time to get everything accomplished, so we turn to multitasking as a way to get everything done. We believe that multitasking makes us more effective, when in fact, it doesn’t. I’ll share with you today why multitasking is a myth and affects our productivity in a negative way. Here we go. Multitasking is a myth When we multitask, we believe that we are working on many things at once. But in fact, our brains are only able to focus on one thing at a time. We are not actually multitasking, we are task-switching. There is a phenomenon that occurs when we leave one task to focus on the next that is called attention […]

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Self-love September, my story of self-love

When I was a teenager, self-love was not something I thought about very much. I don’t think I grasped the concept. I remember one day, being alone in my room and cutting myself on the breast to punish me for hurting a boy who was in love with me. I was not able to receive love, so I hurt the ones who offered it to me. I did not like myself very much. So I hurt myself. I think I started my self-love journey the day I asked for help at a local health clinic. Where I live, you are able to receive free psychological help and I went and asked for a counselor. At that time, I was drinking heavily and smoking weed to numb my angst. I was referred to a center for young addicts here in Montreal.¬† The first step to getting help was to stop using. I think that taking the decision to quit drinking and using drugs was the first step towards self-love, although I was far from achieving it. Later in life, I went […]

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Spotlight on Kendra Wright and the Year of Fear project

Kendra Wright, creator of the Year of Fear Project

When I first started this blog, my goal was to share the stories of ordinary people who took control of their happiness to create an amazing life. I wanted to inspire my readers to take action towards a happy and meaningful life. That is why I am so happy today to share with you the story of Kendra Wright, a real badass girl who created 3 years ago a project called the Year of Fear. Kendra Wright is a blogger, writer, speaker and location independent entrepreneur. Since creating the Year Of Fear Project in 2013, she has completed over 700 self-assigned comfort zone challenges. Kendra specializes in teaching others how to break through fear and uncertainty, productivity slumps, and create better work-life balance (without abandoning the inner hustle). The Year of Fear project consists of challenges that would push the limits of her comfort zone. In the first year, she went through 365 challenges, one for each day. Soon, her project started to intrigue others and eventually became a movement. Today, I share with you my interview with the awesome […]

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