2017 Year in Review

I don’t know about you, but, for me, 2017 has been quite a ride. Super highs, business achievements, and really down lows, like a long depression, have punctuated the past year. Before I set new goals for the year, I like to review what worked, what didn’t, and I thought that you would enjoy coming along down memory lane!

The comeback of the blog

Back in 2016, I had to put the blog on the back-burner while I was on medical leave from work. Fast forward to last February, I quit my job and revived the blog after 4 long months of hiatus. Slowly but surely, my readers came back and more and more new readers joined the party. Overall, we had more than 10 000 visitors hang out with me here in 2017! That’s quite a milestone! 88% or my readership is brand new and I am so happy to have you join the Productive Happiness family!

My first workshop

Something I had in mind for a long while, offering live workshops and meeting with you guys to work on our goals! I’ve offered 2 workshops in 2017 on the topic of life planning and it’s been a thrill! My first workshop was very modest, and the second out, to my utmost surprise, was sold out! I wrote about my experience in this blog post.

Launching my first product

One of the aspects of my business is coaching. It is more of a side hustle than my main focus, but I’ve decided to offer a 5-week coaching program to 10 of my readers. The launch was super exciting as I had to learn a ton about marketing, setting up landing pages, copy writing and technical aspects of web sales. Unfortunately, I did not sell all the spots on my coaching program and I learned that copy writing demands much more research and devotion than I have put into this first launch. Even if I did not meet my goal, I take this as an opportunity to learn and grow and hone my copy writing skills. I will be relaunching the program in April and this time, I plan to hit my goal!

Dipping my toes into video

I was so scared to try vlogging! It took me months between the idea and the realization of my first video. I was scared of putting myself into the spotlight, of the mean comments I might get, so I paralyzed and dragged on. Eventually, my best friend offered me lighting that he wanted to get rid of and I felt like it was just the push I needed to get started. So I setup a filming studio in my library and shoot my first Facebook video. At first I wanted to publish once every two weeks, but life got in the way (more on that later). I published 5 videos on my Facebook page and the quality quickly improved. And I had so much fun! I did not get even one mean comment and my readership grew as a result. I definitely plan to put up more video content in 2018!

Personal hardships

As the business side of things was growing and flourishing, in my personal life, all was not well. I battled with mood swings for the most part of the year and depression crept in. At one point, it was so hard to keep going that I had to skip blog posts to allow myself to recover. I decided to write a heartfelt blog post about depression and its effects on entrepreneurship and it was one of the most welcomed post I’ve shared this year. Many entrepreneurs related to my experience and appreciated the tips I’ve shared in the article. You can read it here.

What you loved most

I thought it would be fun to share the blog post you’ve enjoyed the most this year! It was very surprising to me to realize how much you guys like my Bullet journaling posts! I will definitely incorporate more of those into my editorial calendar this year! Here are the top ten most popular posts on Productive Happiness in 2017 :

10. Bullet Journal Gift Guide for the Bujo Addict 
9. Why I chose analog for my personal productivity
8. Productivity powerpack : The Weekly Review
7. My Secret Weapon to productivity : The Bullet Journal
6. Quarter planning – 5 Steps to achieve more goals 
5. A Beginner’s guide to Getting Things Done
4. Bullet Journal Essentials for Bujo Addicts
3. 4 Steps to plan your weeks in the Bullet Journal
2. Bullet Journal for Beginners : Ryder Carroll and Other Bullet Journal Experts give their Best Tips
1. Getting Things Done in the Bullet Journal

My goals for 2018

Word for the year : Persist

Since what I’ve started in 2017 is so rewarding, the blog, workshops, coaching and my new personal habits, I’ve decided to stay the course and persist in 2018. I want to keep going and bring my 2017 projects to new heights, and crush it!

Business goals

In 2018, I want to focus on growing my readership and on my most valuable asset, my newsletter. If you are not already subscribed, you can join the Productive Happiness family here and get exclusive updates, behind the scenes and links to the new blog posts as soon as they are out! I send 1 email a week, every Friday, and will not share your personal information with outside sources. Join here!

I am also hard at work creating a series of products related to goal setting, to be launched at Thanksgiving 2018. I wish to create a course, write a book and offer a coaching program on the topic. Stay tuned!

My goals :

  1. 3000 subscribers to my mailing list
  2. Create goal setting products
  3. 25 000 unique visitors

Health goals

I have started the ketogenic diet in 2017 with great success and I plan to stick to it in 2018. I’ve lost 37 pounds so far in 4 months and I wish to achieve my goal weight of 130 lbs by the end of December. To achieve that, I will stick to 20 gm. of carbs or less for 14 days out of 15. Since I’m keto-adapted, this won’t be a challenge. If you’d like to know more about my health regimen and the ketogenic diet, let me know in the comments, I might write a blog post or shoot a video about it!

Keep learning

Last year, I’ve read 95 books, with a goal of 40. I crushed it! But I was home all year and I plan to find a part time job in January, so I aim for only 80 books this year. If you’re interested in what I’m reading, I’ve shared my favorite books of 2017 in a two-part series that you can read here and here.

I also like audiobooks and especially podcasts to learn more about a variety of subjects, one of my favorite being productivity. You can read my list of top 7 productivity podcasts here.

So there you have it, 2017 in review! Now your turn. Let me know in the comments below what goals and resolutions you’ve set for the new year!

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  1. You inspire me Anick! Your goals are precise and looks like well thought out. I’m working hard at my lifestyle site ncdotlife ~ so many posts to catch up on from 2017. This year, I will be starting to promote it via Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Also more traveling for content. I really need to break down my goals (like you have) and give myself a timeline as well. On a personal level, I want to start getting rid of things and focus more on my passion too.
    So glad that we can encourage each other. Here we come 2018!!

    1. Thank you Sophie! I will be looking forward to what you put out with ncdotlife! You can do it! Much love girl!