Life tracking : The apps I use

There’s a movement on the web called Quantified Self. The idea is to track different aspects of your life to measure your progress and hopefully improve over time. There are Quantified Self groups all over the internet, really, it’s a thing. With the rise of smart objects, there are now numerous apps and devices you can use to track your life. Here’s a list of the apps I personally use for life tracking. MyFitnessPal During my weight loss journey, MyFitnessPal has been very useful to track my weight, my daily calories and carb count, as well as my measurements, ketone production and much more. I pay for the premium version to have access to the macronutrient percentages at each meal, but I recently made the switch over to Carb Manager, a similar app geared towards the keto diet. The free version of MyFitnessPal should suffice if you only want to track your calories and weight. Renpho Smart Scale I recently switched from a standard scale to this smart Bluetooth body composition scale that tracks my weight, but also my fat […]

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The Waiting For list in the Bullet journal

One of the most used spread in my Bullet journal is my Waiting for list. I’ve been introduced to this idea in David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done as an essential part of the GTD methodology. When I got started using a Bullet journal, I quickly created this simple spread that has stuck ever since. This list is super simple. I keep track of what I’m waiting for, from whom, and keep track of when I’m expecting a response. Finally, I write down the date when I actually get what I’ve been waiting for. The Waiting For list helps you stay mindful of all the things that are pending because someone else needs to take action on something. By reviewing your list regularly, you are then able to follow up accordingly and make things happen. There are a number of ways that you can use to stay on top of your list. Start with a brain dump One thing that I suggest when first populating your list is to do a brain dump. Take a few minutes to reflect on […]

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What I read this month – February edition

Another month, another edition of what I read this month! Here’s all the books I’ve enjoyed during the month of February : 1. The 8th Habit After reading the classic The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, I wanted to dive deeper into the works of Steven Covey, one of the grandfathers of productivity. I did not get the same amazed feeling as reading the 7 habits. I felt that this one was more geared towards a business setting than personal development per se. Still, it contained a few wisdom nuggets. 2. Équilibrer le système hormonal grâce aux méthodes naturelles (French Edition)(Equilibrate the hormonal system with natural methods) I suspect that my adrenals are overworked, resulting in chronic insomnia since the holidays. Adrenal fatigue is a subject that has interested me a lot lately and I am in the process of going through some tests to diagnose my cortisol levels. An interesting read, focused on plants and natural remedies to improve hormonal function. 3. Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life There’s a plethora of books on […]

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Embrace Digital Minimalism

Digital Minimalism

In this day and age, our digital devices are more and more present and we spend more time on social media than ever. You’ve probably heard of the term ‘digital detox’, a term that’s becoming more popular these days because some of us are feeling overwhelmed by the hyperconnectedness of our time. The birth of a concept After releasing his book Deep Work, in which he advocates for focused, uninterrupted work free from distraction, author Cal Newport was flooded with questions from his readers. Deep Work is about professional life, but readers were searching for solutions in their personal lives. They communicated their overwhelm caused by the prevalence of technology and social media and their inability to free themselves from these many distractions. Newport, a digital hermit who decided not to partake in the social media craze, started to research our relationship with technology and came up with a solution : digital minimalism. In his brand new book, Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World, Newport explores the consequences of the latest rise of technology and social […]

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A Miracle Morning Update

In July of 2014, I started practicing a morning ritual I heard of in a podcast. It immediately sticked. Turns out, hundreds, if not thousands of people were doing the same, waking up early and working on personal development every morning. This whole movement had a name, the Miracle Morning. (To learn more about it, read my first blog post on the topic here.) I practiced the Miracle Morning with devotion for 4 years straight. I loved it. I would start each day with a bit of meditation, which quickly improved my tolerance to stress, my overall wellbeing and my ability to focus. Avid reader as I am, I had more time to read each day now that I was up early. As a writer, the practice of journaling had a terrific impact on my craft and I was able to better reflect on what was happening to me at any time. Visualization and affirmations were not my strong suit, but I did it anyway. And exercising in the morning was perfect for me as, by the end of the […]

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