A Miracle Morning Update

In July of 2014, I started practicing a morning ritual I heard of in a podcast. It immediately sticked. Turns out, hundreds, if not thousands of people were doing the same, waking up early and working on personal development every morning. This whole movement had a name, the Miracle Morning. (To learn more about it, read my first blog post on the topic here.)

I practiced the Miracle Morning with devotion for 4 years straight. I loved it. I would start each day with a bit of meditation, which quickly improved my tolerance to stress, my overall wellbeing and my ability to focus. Avid reader as I am, I had more time to read each day now that I was up early. As a writer, the practice of journaling had a terrific impact on my craft and I was able to better reflect on what was happening to me at any time. Visualization and affirmations were not my strong suit, but I did it anyway. And exercising in the morning was perfect for me as, by the end of the day, I’m usually too tired to go to the gym. Really, this whole thing just worked for me!

Then, last year, I transitioned from blogging full time to going back to work 9 to 5. I had to reacquaint myself with early mornings, way earlier than I was used to. At first, the Miracle Morning fell by the wayside. Sometimes a blank slate like that shake up our habits. This is what happened to me. After a while, I really felt like I was missing something. I tried to reboot my practice, but I kept snoozing and missing my MM opportunities. I decided to opt for an accountability partner, something the creator of the Miracle Morning strongly advocates for. Every morning, this sweet lady would text me at 6 AM sharp, making sure I was on the dot. It helped, for a while. Then I started skipping days…

Skipping days became skipping weeks. I wrote to my accountability partner, feeling that I was letting her down. I explained that I lost my MM mojo. I forgot why I was doing all this. I just didn’t see the value in it anymore. I told her I would take a prolonged break and try to remember why I was doing it.

My break lasted a good few months. Then, right after Christmas, something happened. Insomnia crept in. At night, after my hubby tucked me in bed neatly, I would start thinking. Worrying. Ruminating. It would last for hours.

I thought my insomnia would be temporary. But we’re now in late February and, every night, the ruminating takes place. And I figured. When I stopped my MM, I stopped meditating altogether. And now, I could feel that I’m not super good at handling stress as I used to be. I have to pick meditation back up. But when? When would I find the time to sit in silence and meditate?

Recently, I was working with a coach and we talked about Ikigaï. Reflecting on the areas of my life and the moments I felt the most fulfilled, I realized that my Ikigaï is writing. And that journaling, the act of writing my thoughts on a regular basis, was something I truly missed. Again, when should I integrate journaling into my busy days?

So I figured. Why not get back into the Miracle Morning bandwagon? I would have time each day to write, to meditate, and why not, to exercise like I once did! What a great idea! In this instant, I remembered how awesome my MM were. How great I felt when I had a solid hour to myself first thing in the morning instead of rushing to work as soon as I pry my eyes open. So I took my cellphone and setup my alarm for 6 o’clock the next morning.

Super enthusiastic about picking up the practice again, I texted my old accountability partner, letting her know of my intentions. Unexpectedly, she proposed that we reboot our relationship and pick up where we left off. She said that she, too, would benefit from having me back! So today was our first day together after months of waking up last minute before going to work. I’m so glad we’re a team again!

And I am super motivated to start fresh with a new sense of purpose. I feel like this is exactly what I need to feel complete and serene again. I feel like I am reinvested with meaning for my personal development practice. Like it matters again, like it used to. Let’s just hope it will improve my insomnia as well!

Do you have a morning routine? What do you do when you lack the motivation to wake up early? How do you get back on the wagon? Let me know in the comments below!

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