Bullet Journal Flip Through – Volume 4

Bullet journal flip through

Lately, I have closed my third Leuchtturm 1917 notebook, my fourth Bullet Journal ever. I had started implemented the bullets part of the Bullet Journal method at work for a few years before deciding to bite the bullet and buy a notebook. 2 years later, I like to look back at my past journals and reflect on my life. Today’s post is a flip-through of my favorite spreads in my Bullet Journal Volume 4. Enjoy!

Bullet Journal Key

Bullet journal key

My key has changed a bit since my last journal. I’ve created a smaller circle to represent events, such as birthdays. I’ve started incorporating color coding, as you can see at the bottom. I’ve added this bit way later, towards the end of the notebook, that’s why it looks out of place here. In my new journal, my color code has been created from the start.


Bullet journal indexClassic Bullet Journal index. I’ve started incorporating color to help me find frequently used spreads more easily. I used more than the included index, so I need to remember to allow at least one more spread when starting a new notebook.

Daily spreads

Daily spread 3 Daily spread 2 Daily spread 1In this journal, I’ve been using more and more stamps, and fewer stickers. I particularly enjoy my collection of The Sassy Club stamps, such as the weather stamps on this third picture. My dailies are mostly made of tasks and appointments, but I also like to track achievements, that I identify with a triangle bullet. I still use a lot of washi and my The Reset Girl sticker sets.

Weekly spreads

Bullet journal weekly spread I experimented quite a bit with the format of my weekly spread in this notebook. I liked this simple spread and how minimal it looked. Bullet journal weekly spreadThis is an other iteration of my weekly spread, this time I experimented with time blocking. I have a full article on this process that you can read here. The social media tracker at the bottom helped me plan my posts for the different social media that I use for Productive Happiness.

Habit tracker

Bullet journal habit Tracker

At first, I used to incorporate an habit tracker in my weekly spread, but realized that I wasn’t using them. I tried a monthly tracker by the end of the year and I’ve been able to keep it up since. I really enjoy seeing it completed like that!

What worked

Statistics spread

Statistics spread in the bullet journal

I like to track the statistics for my blog in my notebook, even though setting it up is time consuming. I like to fill out the numbers each week and track my progress. At the moment, I am tracking my stats in Excel and I do not enjoy it as much. The journaling section on the right hand side helped me reflect on my marketing strategies and see what worked and what tactics fell flat.

Project planning

project planning in the bullet journal

I started planning simple projects using my notebook, like this plan for sewing a Traveler’s Notebook cover. I thought of trying Bullet journaling in a Traveler’s notebook but haven’t made up my mind yet. Still, it could be a nice sewing project just for fun!


Mindmap spread in the bullet journal

Mindmaps are some of my favorite tools for brainstorming and coming up with new ideas. This particular mindmap lays out my themes for Productive Happiness. I used it to brainstorm new product ideas.

Level 10 Life

Level 10 life spread

Every quarter, I like to evaluate my level of satisfaction in the various areas of my life and set new goals for the areas that are dragging their feet. This exercise has been popularized by Hal Elrod, author of The Miracle Morning and I have created a PDF that I give away for free for my readers. You can get your copy here.

What didn’t work

Future logAs you can see, I have not used my future log, not even once. It’s been my third unused future log, which made me think that this spread was absolutely not working for me. In my new notebook, I’ve followed an idea suggested by Kara Benz of Boho Berry called a perpetual calendar, in which you write stuff that come every year, like birthdays and holidays. It’s working way better for me so far.

12 week plan

12 week plan in the bullet journalI like to plan in quarters, following the ideas of The 12 week year book by Brain P. Moran. The above spread is one of my quarterly plans. I like this method of planning, but laying it out like that in my notebook is way too much time consuming. I am using an Excel spread at the moment to keep track of my goals, but I have to say that I am not yet satisfied with my system. I will have to keep trying stuff out and find out what works.

Bullet Journal and perfection

Most Bullet Journals you see online are polished and pretty. But is it really, all of the time? I, too, tend to show my pretty spreads online. But mistakes do happen. What do you do when it does? Here are a few spreads in my 4th notebook where perfection was not invited :

Mistakes in the bullet journal Ah! Fountain pens and water do not mix well… For some reason, I did not remember how to spell business. Haha! So I wrote a big no! and started again on the next page. I always get a smile on my face when I stumble across this page.

I hope this gives you an idea of how I use my Bullet Journal! Now I’d like to know, what is your favorite spread in your current journal?

Supplies used :
Leuchtturm1917 Purple Notebook with dotted pages

Pilot Metropolitan Fountain pen in silver

The Sassy Club Photopolymer stamps

The Reset Girl stickers

Washi tape

Post-it Tabs

Happy Planner stickers

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  1. I like journaling weekly goals as well as work on my editorial calendar. I just ordered a few brush pens & Japanese highlighters to make my journal more visual. Thanks for sharing your bujo. It’s always inspiring. I would also love to know your long-term business goal(s). :o)

    1. Thanks Sophie! My goals are to focus on my signature coaching program as well as my public speaker career and offering new products to my readers, such as online courses and books!

      1. That is great! Online courses & books are also a few of my goals as well. Have you checked out journalsanctuary.tumblr.com? It has lots of bujo inspirations there as well. I’m really just getting started but super excited about becoming more productive with my own bujo system.