What is your definition of success? 3 key components

We all have a different definition of success. Here are 3 key components

Most personal development and productivity blogs talk about success, in one way or another. Although we all have an idea of what success is, when asking around, you can soon realize that everyone has his own definition. In today’s article, I will share what I believe is the definition of success, and it might be very different from what you expect.

My definition of success

Many believe that, to be successful, you need to have more money than you will ever need. Financial success is amongst the most common definitions of success and I can see why. Personally, I don’t think that’s what all I want in my life. Success is much more than the content of my checkings account.

3 key components of success

  1. A job you love : Most of us spend the majority of our lives working. Either as an employee or as an entrepreneur, we work our butts off making a living. And if you’re an homemaker, I consider you working too! House keeping and taking care of the kids is hard work and it should be considered as such. Having a boring job, or worse, a job you hate is a real hindrance to your happiness. When you love what you do, getting up in the morning is not such a chore. It’s a real pleasure. And you get better at what you do, because you have all the motivation you need to increase your skills and to work through the hard stuff. Happy workers perform better, get better raises and positions, and relate better to their coworkers. But it also makes you a better person overall, you come back home with a smile on your face and you’re a better wife or husband, a better friend and parent.
  2. Freedom to do the things you love : Freedom of time and money. A fulfilling career should bring in sufficient funds to support your basic needs, as well as your goals and aspirations. You should be able to spend your money the way you feel will bring you joy, and have enough time to spend with your loved ones and doing the things you love. Freedom is the name of the game! Freedom to live, love, play and experience life to heart’s desire. A little extra to be generous is nice, sharing the wealth and the love truly feels great and benefits everyone.
  3. Fulfilling relationships : I strongly believe that to live a fully successful life, you have to be successful outside of your career too. Personally, what counts the most at the end of the day is my network, my support system, my friends and family that will always be there when times are tough, and for the fun stuff too. Celebrating my successes in my business is not worth it if I can’t share it with the ones I love. If money leaves me, my relationships will remain. Nurturing the relationships that I share with my parents, my siblings, my friends and my significant other is what truly matters in the end.

It all comes down to happiness

Happiness is success, and success is happiness. It’s a virtuous circle. Success in your career, your finances and your relationships bring happiness, and the more happy you are, the more you succeed. That’s all there is to it. Nurture your happiness, and success will come to you. If your current situation is not up to your needs and expectations, make the choices needed to change what needs to be changed. Create your own happiness and success will follow.

If you want to evaluate your level of satisfaction in the different areas of your life to pinpoint the areas that you can work on to create more happiness in your life, I created the Level 10 Life PDF to help you do just that. You can access it here.

“True success, true happiness, lies in freedom and fulfillment” -Dada Vaswani click to tweet

What is your definition of success? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. This is a timely article – just this morning I got a great quote from Simon Sinek: “Success is when reality catches up to our imagination.” I think the important part is to get our imagination right, and to make sure it’s our own dream life, not the one mass marketers or others try to impose on us. Ensuring our imagination (and therefore our successful life) balances our spiritual, intellectual, and physical needs is key. I totally agree with your points above, but I lump “having a job you love” into “having the freedom to do the things you love” and agree that real relationships are key to a happy life.

    1. Very interesting comment Jason, thanks for sharing. I do believe that work, or contribution, is an essential part of success, and happiness. Feeling useful and contributing to society helps us feel better about ourselves and I believe that being idle is a real hindrance to our happiness. But I agree with you that having the freedom to do the things you love is also essential.