My Favorite Productivity Tools – 2018 Edition

My Favorite Productivity Tools

Well, well! Hello again! I know that I’ve been MIA for the past month or so, and let me tell you that it has been most rejuvenating! I’m ready to dive back into productivity with you guys and today I start with a round up of my favorite, and most used productivity tools! Are you ready?

1. A good calendar app

Everyone needs a good calendar app. To jot down your appointments, but also to create a template of your ideal week! My calendar of choice, after trying so many out there, remains the good old Google Calendar. Easy to use, this calendar will sync across your devices and allow you to create multiple calendars that you can share, or not, with your colleagues or significant other. I don’t need a ton of bells and whistles with my calendar app, so this one is still my favorite.

2. A task manager

Here again, I’ve tried a fair share of task managers that integrate well with the Getting Things Done methodology. Some were clunkly, others were truly ugly, others were way too complicated. I finally stuck with Todoist. I like its clean interface, user friendliness, and the fact that I can type the dates the way I speak, which makes it super easy to use. I pay for the premium version of Todoist because I like the ability to tag my tasks by context, a big part of GTD. I’m on my fourth year with Todoist and I’m still pretty happy with the service. And it’s super affordable too!

3. A Kanban Board

I wrote about Kanban and my new found love for the Trello software. I use Trello for a ton of reasons, mainly to host a list of my current projects and their state of completion, but I also use it to create lists, such as blog post ideas and goals. It’s a great tool that makes it more visual to work on your projects and it totally revolutionized the way I work. The free version suits my needs perfectly and I enjoy the heck out of it.

kanban board
My personal kanban board in Trello

4. A note taking app

My love for Evernote seems to be eternal. This digital brain stores all my reading notes, reference materials for writing my blog posts, lists of all kinds like wishlists, list of books I want to read, tidbits of information I reference often, and much much more! I also use Evernote as a journal to write down monthly, quarterly and yearly reviews of what’s going on in my life and how I progress on my goals. I access my data base at least once a day during my Miracle Morning because it hosts my affirmations list as well as my vision board. I pay for the premium version that allows me to email stuff directly into my Evernote inbox.

5. A digital notebook

I could be using Evernote for this purpose also, but I like the versatility of OneNote to store my business stuff. I have different notebooks for coaching clients, for marketing ideas, for business strategies, and so on. I like how tidy and organized my notes appear, section by section with the cute colored tabs. Also, with my Surface computer, I can write on the screen using the Windows pen as if I’d be writing in a real notebook. I like to jot down my notes during coaching sessions this way, instead of typing them out while I talk with my clients. OneNote is now free to use and more and more people use it as a planning and notetaking app.

6. A media player

Music is crucial to my productivity. The type of music I select will enhance my work sessions and make me more efficient and focused. When I work on accounting or data entry, I like to listen to angry dubstep. When I research or write, I like ambiant Chillhop. And when I’m bored to death and can’t muster the will to work, stupidly fun pop or peppy punk rock keeps me awake and motivated. I decided to bite the bullet and subscribe to the paying version of Spotify and I have never looked back. I have unlimited access to great music at any time, anywhere. The selection is awesome and I can create custom playlists for all my needs.

These are the apps I use on a daily basis and continue to love to this day. As a productivity geek, I like to try different apps all the time, so if you have any great recommendations for me, let me know in the comments below! What are your favorite productivity tools?

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