How to read more

In an average year, I read around 97 books. This year, my goal is to read 100. I often get asked how I get so much reading done and the answer is simple. I read all the time. And when I mean all the time, I mean many hours a day. To me, reading is the same as breathing. It is vital. In this blog post, I will share my best tips to help you read more. Pick the ones that work for you, and implement them today!

Always carry a book with you

The simplest way to make sure you read, a lot, is to always carry a book with you. Books can be bulky to carry, so I like to keep ebooks in my phone. With the Kindle app, ebooks are accessible on all your devices. Having a book handy at my fingertips mean that I can read in the subway, in line at the grocery store, waiting at the dentist, anywhere really. I know that I always have a good book with me and it helps me stay clear of Facebook when I get bored and do something useful instead.

Incorporate reading in your morning routine

Reading is an essential part of my Miracle Morning. I like to focus my morning reading on personal development, that means that I always have a book that improves my mindset on my current reading list. At the moment, I read Why We Sleep during my morning routine. Sipping my coffee with a good book makes my early mornings relaxing and super interesting.

Read on your lunch break

My lunch break at work is an hour long. Eating usually takes me a maximum of 30 minutes, which means that I have a good stretch available to get some reading done. I like to sit in a sunny spot, or outside if the weather allows it, and read something inspiring. I just finished Ego Is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday while at work. Even if you can only spare 15 minutes to read a quick chapter, that time over the workweek adds up in valuable reading time!

Read during your commute

If you use public transports, reading during your commute is an easy way to relax before and after work. My daily commute is two hours long, which means that I can read quite a bit each day! If you drive and are unable to sit down and read an actual book, download an audiobook and listen while you drive. The app I use for audiobooks is called Scribd, which is basically Netflix for books. For a monthly membership fee, you get access to unlimited ebooks and audiobooks and the selection is great. Check it out!

Incorporate a winding down routine at night

You might have heard that blue light at night hinders your ability to have good nights of sleep. Incorporate a no-screen hour at the end of your day to read a paperback. I like to read fiction at night, as reading more meaty informational books tend to wake me up. Cuddle up with a good novel and you’ll reap the benefits of a better night of sleep.

Create a books to read list in your Bullet journal

Some bullet journalers out there create cute little bookshelves spreads to list all the books they want to read. I use a simple list each year with 10 to 20 books I plan on reading. You can get great recommendations on the Goodreads app or on Amazon when you buy your books from them. This is my current books to read list :

Always have your next book lined up

Knowing what you will read next will help you get back to reading after you finish your current book. In my library, I have an entire bookshelf where I keep my next reading materials. On my to read pile at the moment are The Prophet by Khalil Gibran and Good to Great by Jim Collins.

Read more than one book at a time

I tend to read between 5 and 10 books at a time. Every genre has a place on my reading list, personal development, cookbooks, novels, biographies, memoirs, poetry, I like to read them all. At the moment, I am reading Why We Sleep, a novel by a French author, Mastery by Robert Greene and Ketotarian about the Keto diet. Do not hesitate to start more than one book at a time!

Abuse audiobooks

Audiobooks are a huge part of my days. When I walk to the subway station or run errands, I listen to a book. When I cook, sweep the floors, fold laundry, I listen to a book. When I take a shower, book. I read all the time! Nowadays, books are narrated by the author, which makes listening a very personal experience of proximity. I love it. Don’t forget to check out Scribd if you want unlimited access to great audiobooks.

Participate in Goodreads’ reading challenge

If you are the competitive type, setting yourself up for a challenge can motivate you to get more reading done. Each year, I participate in the Goodreads reading challenge. You can follow my progress here. Goodreads is a great social platform where you can follow your friends and authors you love, as well as get recommendations for great books to read. Join today!

Assess your progress with a books read list

List all the books you’ve read this year in a nifty spread in your Bullet journal or on Evernote. Seeing your progress on the page will surely motivate you to read more. You can see my books read spread here:

Participate in a book club

If you are an obliger, outer accountability is vital to reach your goals. Participating in a book club means that you have a deadline to read your books, which can be highly motivating. I participate in Boho Berry’s bookclub on Facebook and each month, I read the book that the community has chosen. We then share insights from the various personal development works we’ve chosen. I stumbled upon great reads in this club! You can find a local bookclub in your area of participate in a club online.

Share the books you’ve read with your friends

One easy way to get book recommendations is to share the books you’ve loved with your friends and family. Talking about great books will surely inspire them to share their picks with you!

Subscribe to your local library

Reading doesn’t have to cost a thing. If you subscribe to your local library, you can access thousands, if not millions of title for free! I recently subscribed to my local library and rarely can’t I find a title I’m looking for. My library has ebooks and audiobooks for rent too, they can fulfill all my reading needs! It has become a weekly ritual for me to head over to my library, rent a few books and relax in a good chair writing my weekly blog post. The ambiance over there is so soothing!

I hope you got inspired to read more by reading today’s blog post! There are lots of tips to read more, choose the ones you find match your lifestyle and incorporate them in your routine today! Now let me know, what will be your next read? Answer in the comments below!

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