How to craft your ideal week

I used to get bogged down by the trivial stuff. There’s only so much you can do in a week, and it was easy to put my efforts on the small stuff and forget the big projects that would really make a difference. I’d spend my days in my email inbox and no big project would move forward. Then I remembered what Stephen Covey used to say : “Put in the big rocks first.” I needed to change the way I approached my weeks and make time for what was most important. I needed to craft my ideal week.

I first got introduced to the idea of an ideal week when I read Living Forward by Michael Hyatt and Dan Harkavy. To make sure that our grandest goals get achieved, Hyatt suggested that we designed our ideal week to carve out the time for what matters most. When I created my life plan, I drafted an outline of my ideal week and never looked back.

Like a budget for your time

The idea of the ideal week is similar to the concept of a financial budget, but for your schedule. You plan out in advance how you would like to spend your most precious resource, your time. To do so, use a calendar, a blank sheet of paper, your Bullet journal or this free printable, and design your week to include everything that matters.

I personally use a dedicated Google Calendar and I block out time for every aspect of my life. Hobbies, work, side-projects, relationships, each are accounted for in my ideal week.

The power of theming

I got this idea from Mike Vardy over at Productivityist. Mike is a big proponent of theming, the idea is to allocate a theme to each day of the week, so that you have a precise idea of what you’ll be working on on any given day. Here’s how I theme my weeks :

  • Monday : social Media
  • Tuesday : current projects
  • Wednesday : relationships
  • Thursday : writing
  • Friday : planning
  • Saturday : chores
  • Sunday : rest

Theming allows you to craft your weeks according to a specific framework and fit tasks and projects that require similar working modes on the same day. For example, writing demands a certain frame of mind, so I batch writing blog posts and newsletters on the same day so that I can take advantage of that mindset.

Incorporate your daily routine

When crafting your ideal week, reflect on what type of daily routine you would like to create for yourself. I’m a big fan of The Miracle Morning, so my mornings are dedicated to the SAVERS created by Hal Elrod. In the evening, I like to take a hot bath and read a few pages, so I incorporated that aspect in my calendar as well. This could be the perfect opportunity for you to choose a new morning or evening ritual and implement good habits.

Crafting your ideal week
Crafting my ideal week using Google Calendar

Use it as a template to plan your weeks

Of course, there’s always room for the unexpected. Your ideal week is a guideline for planning your weeks and make sure that you get enough time for what’s truly important. But it remains adaptable to your life’s circumstances and can be modified to suit different seasons of life. It doesn’t need to be rigid. It is a tool that’s meant to be played with, as long as you safeguard your big rocks.

If you want to craft your ideal week, I’ve created a handy template just for you! Use it to draft your vision and incorporate your big rocks into your daily life!

Will you give it a try? What big rocks do you want to incorporate into your schedule? Let me know in the comments below!

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