Life tracking : The apps I use

There’s a movement on the web called Quantified Self. The idea is to track different aspects of your life to measure your progress and hopefully improve over time. There are Quantified Self groups all over the internet, really, it’s a thing. With the rise of smart objects, there are now numerous apps and devices you can use to track your life. Here’s a list of the apps I personally use for life tracking.


During my weight loss journey, MyFitnessPal has been very useful to track my weight, my daily calories and carb count, as well as my measurements, ketone production and much more. I pay for the premium version to have access to the macronutrient percentages at each meal, but I recently made the switch over to Carb Manager, a similar app geared towards the keto diet. The free version of MyFitnessPal should suffice if you only want to track your calories and weight.

Renpho Smart Scale

I recently switched from a standard scale to this smart Bluetooth body composition scale that tracks my weight, but also my fat percentage, water weight, bone density and much more. It calculates my BMI automatically and provides graph in its proprietary app on my smartphone. This scale is a life changer! It syncs with my Fitbit app as well, which is a cool add-on.

My Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2

This cool little bracelet tracks my steps, my exercise routines, my sleep duration and quality as well as my heart rate. It syncs with a cool app on my phone, complete with a women’s health and period tracker. You can also use the app to log your food, but I prefer a more robust software for that. I hardly take my Fitbit watch off, except on Saturdays when it’s time to charge it up.


I’ve tried so many habit trackers, but none has stick like HabitBull has. It’s a very simple app based on the “don’t break the chain” habit building concept. You log into a calendar and, for each habit you want to track, you check the daily box if you’ve done it or not. After a few days, you’ll have a chain and the idea is not to break the chain for at least 60 days to form a new habit. It’s easy to manage and fun to use!


I use the table option in evernote to create a spread with my monthly measurements. The first weekend of each month, I track my weight, waist, hip, thigh, calf, neck and wrist measurements and compare with the previous month. This simple table has taken me seconds to create and I like to refer to it regularly. You could do a similar spread in your Bullet Journal.

Life Tracking in my Bullet Journal

Over the years, I’ve tracked several things in my Bullet journal. From a simple habit tracker, to my Sleep and Fast tracker, to my most recent Fitness and weight tracker, anything can be tracked in the Bullet Journal. Here’s a an example of a previous spread.

A sleep and fast tracker, the first section is my eating window,
the second is hours slept. The dotted lines are my goals.


One last thing I like to track in my daily life is my spending. I am responsible of finances at home and I like to stay mindful of my spending in different categories. I use the free feature of Mint to connect my various bank accounts and credit card. The app pulls out every cent I spend and allows me to categorize each expense. At the end of the month, I use the budget feature to check if I respected the amounts previously planned for each category. If so, I roll over what’s left to my savings account. If not, I pull the difference from my savings and put it back into my checking account. Doing this with Mint saves me so much time and effort!

Life tracking is something I really enjoy doing. At the end of each month, I pull the data from my various apps and review my progress on my fitness, personal development and financial goals. I gain so much insight from knowing exactly where my efforts where consistent and where I derailed from the plan. Looking at my data allows me to course correct and achieve my goals!

Do you practice life tracking? What apps do you use, and what data do you like to collect? Let me know in the comments below!

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