Productive Happiness turns 1 – New orientation

Hello happy people! We’re taking some time off from our regular schedule this week to share the results of our latest reader’s survey. I have to say that I have been surprised by some of the results that came up and it brought me to reconsider the orientation that I’ll be following for the blog in the next year. Read on to see what my readers had to say!


First off, I was interested in the demographics. Most of my readers are women between 25 and 54. Few men are reading the blog, and I guess with topics like the Bullet Journal being so popular amongst women, I shouldn’t be surprised by those numbers. 71% of my readers are employees.


From the beginning, Productive Happiness had two main focus, productivity and personal development. My mission is to help you take your happiness in hands using the latest productivity techniques. I was very curious to know what type of content was most popular amongst my readers. This is the result that surprised me the most :

Productivity is, by far, the most popular topic on the blog. Personal development seems to be relegated far behind, and book reviews is the less popular topic on the blog. Hence the change in direction that I will be taking from now on. I will offer more productivity content and focus my efforts on helping my readers take control of their tasks and projects, so they can have more time to do the things they truly enjoy.

Here’s what productivity topics my readers are most interested in :

As you can see, readers want to know how to better manage their priorities and plan to achieve their goals. Bullet Journaling still remains a very popular topic, as well as Getting Things Done. Surprisingly, in the questions related to the main challenges my readers are facing, time management often comes up, but it seems to be the least popular topic.

Few readers have been interested in personal development topics, but here’s how they shared their interests :

Happiness will remain part of the Productive Happiness main themes, keeping in touch with the initial goal of the blog. You can expect a few personal development articles to pop up here and there, but the main focus will be put on productivity.

I want to thank each and every one of you who took time from their busy schedule to fill out the survey! It will help me tailor my content to your needs and give you the advice you need to bring your career and your happiness to the next level. Thank you for having been here for the past year every Tuesday, knowing that you enjoy my content truly brings joy to my heart. I enjoy serving you and hope to do so even better for the coming year.

Until next Tuesday, take your happiness in hands!

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