The Bullet Journal Method Book Review

The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll

It is not often that I am beyond excited to read a new book. But the minute I heard that Ryder Carroll, creator of the Bullet Journal wrote a book on the subject, I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I preordered the book in June, and it came on the day of its release, October 23rd.

I read the book as soon as it came and I wished I could keep reading it forever. Does it ever happen to you to not want to finish a book because it is too good? That’s exactly how I felt reading the Bullet Journal Method.

To be clear, this post will not be a summary of how the Bullet journal works. If you are new to the idea of Bullet journaling, check out my intro guide here.

A Bullet Journal guide, but much much more

Yes, the Bullet Journal Method presents you with a guide on how to create your own bujo. You will learn the basics, the main spreads, and even see examples on how to structure your journal. But the book is much much more than a simple guide. It is also a personal development book about intentionality. It gives a layer of depth and a real purpose to the practice.

Useful for all levels

The Bullet Journal Method will be very useful for beginners meaning to start Bullet journaling. Anyone can get started by following the guide and examples in the book. But seasoned bujo addicts will also learn some things from reading the book. I started my first bujo 5 years ago and I gained a few insights that totally transformed the way I use my journal daily. I really believe anyone will benefit from reading the book.

A glimpse of how it all started

Ryder shares how he struggled with ADHD and how he developed a system to organize his mind and projects. It was really interesting to read about the different iterations of the system before it became the Bujo we now know. He also shares how he started sharing the system with others and how it spread like wildfire when he launched the famous Bulletjournal.com website.

A fun and interesting read

Ryder is a great author. I read recently that he took creative writing classes, and it really does show in his writing. The wording is great, he is subtly funny and it makes the overall experience of reading the book super agreeable. I like that he introduced stories from Bullet journalists all around to support his points. The examples of real spreads also enliven the experience.

It changed the way I Bullet journal

I shared lately that I’ve been in a journaling slump. I switched to mainly weekly spreads, and my dailies fell to the wayside. While reading the book, I rediscovered the rapid logging principle and it made me want to reintegrate the dailies in my routine. I started jotting down ideas, notes and tidbits about my days which made my practice richer and more meaningful. I’ve seen many other journalists reconnecting with the basic dailies and finding much joy in them.

Highly recommended

I would say that The Bullet Journal Method should be mandatory reading for every Bullet journalist out there. Everyone will benefit from reading it, the book is very good and very entertaining. If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, I strongly suggest you do so right away!

Have you picked up your copy yet? What did you like most about the Bullet Journal Method? Let me know in the comments below!

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