The Waiting For list in the Bullet journal

One of the most used spread in my Bullet journal is my Waiting for list. I’ve been introduced to this idea in David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done as an essential part of the GTD methodology. When I got started using a Bullet journal, I quickly created this simple spread that has stuck ever since.

This list is super simple. I keep track of what I’m waiting for, from whom, and keep track of when I’m expecting a response. Finally, I write down the date when I actually get what I’ve been waiting for.

The Waiting For list helps you stay mindful of all the things that are pending because someone else needs to take action on something. By reviewing your list regularly, you are then able to follow up accordingly and make things happen. There are a number of ways that you can use to stay on top of your list.

Start with a brain dump

One thing that I suggest when first populating your list is to do a brain dump. Take a few minutes to reflect on all the things you are waiting for and jot down what comes up on paper. I like to use brain dump prompts to help me focus on this task. I created a simple bulleted list that you can read through and jot down what pops up in your head. You can download my brain dump prompts here.

It is very helpful to review your list each week during your weekly review. I personally go through my weekly review every Friday afternoon. Checking my Waiting For list to update it, add to it and complete it is part of my process. Use this time to add follow ups to your task list for any item that you’ve been waiting for a little too long.

A super useful spread

The Waiting For list is super simple, yet it is one of my most valuable spreads and I keep migrating it from notebook to notebook. Give it a try and you might end up doing the same!

If you’d like to learn more on how I integrate Getting Things Done in the Bullet journal, check out this blog post.

Now let me know, what it your most used spread? What spread in your Bullet journal do you keep on migrating? Let me know in the comments below!

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