What I read this month – March edition

Another month has gone by! This one has been exceptionally good for reading! I’m now at 35 books read as of this morning, which means that I am 10 books in advance on my goal of reading 100 books this year! Amazing! Let’s dive into this month’s list!

Oh She Glows Every Day

A nice, healthy cookbook with gluten free and dairy free options. The images were gorgeous and I found a few recipes that I want to try soon!

Gin: The Manual

Now that I’m eating keto, I can’t drink those delicious craft beers that I liked so much. I’m turning to spirits and gin has been my go-to lately, along with whisky. This manual lists all the different types of gin, the history of this iconic drink and a few classic cocktails. I’ve been most interested in the different aromatic profiles of gin and it has made my tasting experience much richer.

The Illustrated Walden

This beautiful edition of the bicentennial classic Walden by Henry David Thoreau has been a charm to read. Illustrated with beautiful pictures of Walden pond and portraits of Thoreau, this edition is a real treat. I found that Thoreau’s works are still relevant today, and I related a lot with his idea of minimalism, although that’s not what he would have called it back in the day. Inspiring!

Outer Order, Inner Calm

You already know that I read everything that Gretchen Rubin releases. I preordered her new book and read it as soon as I got it. This book is about clearing clutter and making our spaces more tidy, but it has nothing to do with the KonMari method. Rubin shares many quick tips on how to achieve outer order, because she knows that what works for you might not work for me. You can implement any of these tips to make your outer space more comfy and thus achieve inner peace.

The Happiness Advantage

As an happiness writer, I had this book on my To Read list for the longest time. I have to say that it has delivered. Combining the latest research on happiness science with actionable tips, this book is the best place to start if you want to improve your quality of life. A fun read!

Everything That Remains

This memoir from the Minimalists tells the story of Joshua Fields Millburn from corporate workaholic to a life of simplicity and meaning. I’m not sure I appreciated the author’s style, which I found pompous and a bit absurd, but the message is interesting. Consumerism and the rat race might not be what we need to be happy. Minimalism is a concept that has interested me for a while and this book resonated a lot with me.

The Hormone Fix

If you’ve been reading this series for the past few months, you know that I was worried that my adrenal glands were overworked. The tests results have arrived, and indeed, exhaustion and poor cortisol release appear in my test. The Hormone fix is a book on how to restore hormone balance through food, namely with the keto diet, but with an alkaline twist. Highly relevant!

The Eat Fat, Get Thin Cookbook

Yes! Another keto cookbook! Each time I’ve been in the library in the past month, I’ve picked up a new cookbook to inspire me in my 100 days of keto challenge. I found many interesting recipes in that one! Low in carbs and full of healthy vegetables, this book surely delivered!

Atomic Habits

I’ve been waiting for so long to read this one! Habits is a topic I can’t get enough of. James Clear really summed up the science of habits beautifully in this one. He proposes a framework to create new and lasting habits and his tips are easy to follow. No wonder why this book has been such a hit! A must read!

Perdre du poids en mangeant du gras tome 2

In Quebec where I live, this book is a true keto bible with a cult following. This new tome completes the first one with tips on how to sustain a keto diet long term and how to integrate it in your family life. The recipes seem really good too!

Witch: Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic.

This take on modern witchcraft is more of a feminist manifesto. The author drops the word vagina in every paragraph, which made me a bit uneasy at first. I’m not sure I connected with the book that much. What was interesting was the exploration of different witchcraft cultures around the world and to learn more about these ancient traditions. The book recommendations throughout the book made their way into my To Read list.

Tartares, ceviches et carpaccios

When I tell you that I’ve been hoarding cookbooks this month! I’ve been recommended to eat raw foods as much as I can, so this book aimed to inspire me to try new raw dishes. I’ve been eating salmon tartares like my life depends on it! So good!

That’s 12 books for March! I can’t get enough! If you’ve been wondering how I get so much reading done, in my next blog post, I’ll share my tips to help you read more. Stay tuned next Sunday!

What have you read this month? Any good recommendations? Let me know in the comments below!

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